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IdentyTech Solution Ltd. is a leading provider of intuitive Identity management products and solutions.

Unified management platform

IDT™ platform offers interoperability and ease of use, integrating the industry’s best performing cameras, sensors and algorithms.

State of the Art Terminals

All IDT terminals are offered in a rugged, elegant design, with the industry’s required interfaces, enhanced security and convenience.

Identity Management

IdentyTech provides its worldwide customers with best-in-class complete identity management solutions.

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Meet Our Team

We are team of highly qualified professionals with deep knowledge of the industry and proven experience in providing best in class biometric solutions.

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Ephram Yeashoua


Over 18 years of experience in marketing Identity Management and biometric solutions in the USA and Europe. Serves as a director in several international companies active in the security industry.

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Eyal Dafni


Over 15 years of experience in the field of biometric application analysis and implementation.

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Igal Ben Yair

Director of Access Control Solutions

Over 17 years of experience at the security market. Serves as security Consultant for governmental, army, and civilian large scale security projects.

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