Who we are?

IdentyTech Solution Ltd. is a leading provider of intuitive Identity management products and solutions. Available in a modular manner, the IDT™ platform offers interoperability and ease of use, integrating the industry’s best performing cameras, sensors and algorithms. All IDT terminals are offered in a rugged, elegant design, with the industry’s required interfaces, enhanced security and convenience. IdentyTech provides its worldwide customers with best-in-class complete identity management solutions.

What we do?

Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition is method to dentify each person by impressions features made by distinct ridges on the fingertips, they can be flat or rolled and being captured differently, scanned, enhanced, and then converted into templates saved in a db for future comparisons.

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Palm vein recognition

Vein technology can automatically identify a person from the patterns of the blood vessels in the back of the hand. Technology uses a near-infrared light to detect vein vessel patterns that are distinctive between twins and even between a person’s left and right hand.

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Facial recognition

Face recognition technology identifies or verifies individuals by analyzing certain facial features such as the upper outlines of the eye sockets or sides of the mouth,by comparing a live person with a stored template from a digital image or a video frame from a video source.

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