Facial recognition

Our solution

Our facial recognition state-of-the-art solution is the most advanced solution for the most popular and performance challenging scenarios:

•  Facial surveillance: Our real time facial recognition platforms build from the bottom-up and combined with the most advanced image processing algorithms to support the recognition engine makes ours the best performing solution worldwide.

•  Facial investigation: Our facial investigator is the most advanced solution for law enforcement investigation, our pre-processing and post processing capabilities enable the recognition rate to be superior even with a low resolution and very hard scenarios images and videos.

Our solutions are currently being implemented in the Transportation, Medical, Banking, School throughout the HLS and security industry.

Facial screening

Provides actionable intelligence to operators and security personnel Increases their effectiveness in detecting criminals and subjects on watch-lists.

Checkpoint scenarios:

    •Immigration desks

    •Airport security portals

    •Border crossings

    •Jail and court entrances

    •Nuclear/sensitive facilities

    •Visitor check-in


The most advanced and mature system world-wide.

    •Best-Of-Bread matching engines

    •Deep know-how and experience in system implementation

    •Unique image processing capabilities to enhance the system overall
     performance and accuracy

    •Filed tested and proven on one of the biggest safe city projects world-wide

    •High accuracy rates and availability